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    people-to-people exchange


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    ready to help people 准备好帮助别人

  • people have to travel to other places for differe

    71. far 远。72.expensive 昂贵的。73 between 在......之间(两者)。74.comfortable 舒适的 75 across 穿过 76.fast快地 77.kilometers 千米78 sometimes 有时79.takes 花费时间80 dirty脏的

  • I( )clothe sphones to people?



    I pass clothes phones to people.

  • People to People相关资讯

    Introduction to the Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship

    Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship was launched in 2011 and held every two years. To date, three forums have been successfully held. The Forum has stuck to the purpose of friendly cooperation and common development since its establishment, and played a positive role in building consensus among people and promoting the pragmatic cooperation and friendly exchanges between Beijing and cities from other countries around the globe. Fruitful achievements have been registered in boosting the people-to-people friendship and advancing the economic and social development of the capital city of China. The Forum has become a brand project for Beijing’s people-to-people diplomacy, a significant bridge for building an international exchange center and the capital city’s economic and social development and a platform for people-to-people exchanges.

    The 2018 Forum will be held from May 27 to 31 at the China People’s Palace. This year’s Forum will keep the same aim of friendship, cooperation and development as that of the three previous sessions, stick to the purpose of friendly cooperation and common development and center around the theme of promoting people-to-people friendship and boosting connectivity among people. The 2018 Forum will present the achievements made on cultural exchanges, facilitate sharing on city governance experience, motivate young people from all countries to continue the cause of people-to-people friendship, forge ahead with joint hands to set examples of deepening people-to-people exchanges, and provide experience for the project of building Beijing into a world class harmonious and livable capital city. It’s estimated that 80 participants abroad will be invited, including some foreign experts, representatives from sister cities and friendship organizations. A total of 300 participants from Beijing, including representatives from related institutions and council members of friendship association, will also be invited to attend the Forum.

    The Forum consists of three separate forums and a theme exchange for in-depth discussions and exchanges on such issues as cultural inheritance and international cooperation, city governance and youth communication.

  • Guests of 2018 Beijing International Forum on People-to-People Friendship


    Hidalgo Emiliana Guadalupe

    Mazzoccone Diego Rafael

    Chaplin Zhuo Yuan Hsiong

    Denis Roy Busch

    Colin Patrick Mackerras

    Atttia Qutub

    Farwa Zafar

    Arenova Almasha

    Akhatova Darina

    Zhang Haiou

    Roy Alok Kumar

    Kim Jun Sung

    Kwon John Hyukdae

    Ryu Cholhan

    Van Der Feer

    Oey Toen Ping

    Kool Hendricus Petrus Maria

    Hu Hua Cao

    Ek Sam Ol

    Zhang Yun Feng

    Chan Sovannareth

    Eduard Kopáek

    Eliza-Rasheed, Fathimath

    Rasheed Mohamed

    Shareef Adeel

    Anthony Degiovanni

    Dato’Abdul Majid Ahmad Khan

    Ng Chin Long

    Abdul Aziz How Bin Abdullah

    Audrey Emiko Kitagawa

    Khan Zeeba Ameena

    Aktar Rafia

    Begum Farida

    Nurul Islam

    Perez Gamarra Socrates Ciceron

    Medina Edgar Marcelino

    Montalvo Falcon Johnny Vicente

    Silva Maria Luisa

    Myo Aung

    San Lwin

    Prajapati Sushil

    Shrestha Sarbottam

    Bhattarai Anoop Ranjan

    Upadhyaya Poudel Rajesh Kumar

    Nakarmi Rajendra

    Ueda Hirokazu(うえだひろかず)

    Kawabe Koichi(かわべこういち)

    Aoyama Yasushi

    Doi Hiroyuki

    Aoyama Sakurako

    Hayasaka Yoshihiro

    Kosegawa Kyouko

    Kashikura Daizo

    Aida Mithuho

    Xi Lina

    Nagano Tsuyoshi

    Yu Zihao

    Takiguchi Yoshiko

    Tsuru Yukari

    Nakajima Naoto

    Sawazu Naoya

    Yamada Noriaki

    Silva Delkandura Arachchige Chandrasundara

    Indrananda Abeysekera

    Nandasena Madawanarachchige

    Wickramasinghe Arachchige Don, Nishantha Janaka Wickramasinghe

    Apichai Gunchornchai

    Sureerat Naruniranat

    Abdul Rahman Muhammad Firdaus Bin

    Kho Choon Keng

    Chio Hock Lai

    Sim Gwan Tek

    James Colin O'Neill

    Laki Balazs

    Muszka Katalin

    Riverso Antonio Raffaele

    Basile Paolo Giuseppe

    Poggi Madarena Massimo

    Cuccureddu Antonello

    Brichetto Antonio

    Gineprini Nicholas

    Gupta Umesh Kumar

    Singh Sukhinder Jit

    Nischal Jasbir Singh

    Verma Manoj Kumar

    Valiyara Bhaskaran

    Gustiawan Febri

    Bargowo Ika Rachmawati


  • 特别讽刺性的现实句子,句句实话,一针见血!


    Some people can enjoy all their glory and wealth with one face. Some people do their best just to live.


    I sold my dream and replaced it with firewood, rice, oil and salt.


    I hate material people, but if it's you, I hate myself without money.


    People in the busy, will choose to be sentimental for a while, but the work in hand urges them to be busy again.


    People always do not know their own problems, but also have a mouth of preaching, so how to describe the current society.


    You need to know that person who can talk to you can also talk to others, so don't think about it.


    While persuading desperate people to live, people slowly let hopeful people down.


    The flowery man was scolded. The attentive man is played. People who are sincere are cheated. Good people are trampled on. This is the reality.


    In reality, people use their real names to tell lies, while in the Internet they use pseudonyms to tell the truth.


    Disappointment is a sentiment that never fills the world. It only adds up.


    Every time I see the old granny on the street carrying things to sell, I am very sad, heartache for them, but I can't do anything.


    Don't try to pry into my life. All you can see is what I want you to see.


  • 2018.5.19 雅思写作大作文解析

    In many countries,people can eat a wide variety of food that are grown in other areas. As a result, they eat more food produced in other regions than local food. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages? 2016.8.13原题

    关键词:eat more good;注意转折后的句子,才是我们在主体段论证的重点。




    Our diet is becoming more diversified than before, with a wider range of food imported / transportedfrom other regions.Many people prefer this kind of food tolocally produced food and as a result, the consumption of local food declines, while the food produced in other regions is gaining popularity.


    1. 国家从外地进口更多种类的食物,人们的选择就会增多,能够满足不同消费群体的饮食习惯。比如:住在相对寒冷地区的人们,可以购买到热带地区的食物,如香蕉、椰子、芒果等。

    2. 促进国家之间的贸易合作,提高各国特有食品的生产力,节约了生产成本。

    This trend can increase the varieties of food and provide people more choices in their daily diet. For instance people in China can buy some bread and biscuits that are imported from foreign countries. Meanwhile,those who live in cold areas can try some fruits such as bananas, mango,pineapple and coconut that are grown in tropical area. Also,this would encourage the trade between different regions,as any country or region can focus on the production of the local food and exchange it with others. As a result, the productivity increases significantly and people can buy high quality food at low prices.


    1. 本地生产的食物肯定更新鲜,经过长时间、长距离的运输,为了防止食物变质,不得不使用防腐剂(preservative)延长保鲜期(shelf life),有害人们的身体健康。

    2. 如果只消费进口食品,会导致当地的一些食物慢慢的不受欢迎,也算是食品文化上的一种损失。

    However,this trend also has some negative effects, both on individuals and on the society. Food produced locally is believed to be fresher than that transported a long distance from other regions.To increase the shelf life, preservatives are commonly used in food processing, which poses a risk to people's health, as these additives may contain some harmful substances. In additlon the local food reflects a region's customs and cultures. If people prefer to eat the food produced in other regions, some local special food may diminish, which would be a loss of local food culture.

    Overall, we can expect more food in other regions to appear on our dining table. This can enrich our lives, but meanwhile there are some problems that should not be ignored.


  • 12个讽刺人心的句子,句句现实,话糙理不糙


    You think that when you are in trouble, the people you have helped will at least help you, but these people often fall into trouble.


    Strength is the real hard truth. If you are strong, people around you will flatter you. When you are weak, people around you will not only ridicule you, but also stay away from you.


    Most people are watching the excitement, not too many people will stand up for you.


    It seems that most people like to listen to good words, and sometimes have to admit that a good heart is far from a good mouth.


    People who are too kind will really be regarded as weak, you step by step forbearance and accommodation, in return will only be the other party's inch by inch.


    Money is a good thing. When you have it, you can buy what you want and test your heart.


    How others treat you as a child depends on the ability of your parents. When you grow up, what others do to your parents depends on your ability.


    The most ridiculous thing in this world is that a good man is considered a bad man if he only does one bad thing, while a bad man is regarded as a good man if he only does one good thing.


    The most terrible thing about people is that you don't believe what you see me, but you believe me in other people.


    Most people want you to have a good life, but they don't necessarily want you to be better than him. This may be the so-called human heart.


    Distance does not necessarily produce beauty, but it can interpret your fragile love and friendship.


    In this world, in addition to parents, no one will dig out their hearts and lungs for you, so, and cherish it.